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I spend a LOT of time driving up and down the road, so I’ve experienced all types of driving conditions. The one I encountered most was the one we hate the most… traffic!

There have been times that I have driven the opposite direction and seen traffic backed up for miles, and I wanted so badly to put a sign on my car to warn those approaching traffic – “get gas, buy some snacks, turn around, or find another route!” Unfortunately, that was not the case. There was no way for me to communicate with them to give them the warnings.

But, that is not the case in life. In life, we have the opportunity to warn those behind us or alongside us of the hazards ahead. We have the ability to guide them on a detour or make sure they are prepared for whatever conditions lie ahead. We can help them find another route. We can give them resources they may need. Or, we can help them avoid it all together.

We may not be able to warn other drivers of traffic conditions, but we can certainly warn others of hazardous life conditions.


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