Faith and Mental Health, in My Own Voice, Journey to Healing, Recovering Humanity

The Implosion

At 7:32am in the morning, I heard several loud thunderous booms.

I already knew what they meant.

The Georgia Dome was coming down.

I looked out my window to see if I could see anything,

But, there was nothing.

So I went to the internet and searched Georgia Dome demolition.

I found Twitter accounts with postings and Live coverage, but not of the implosion itself.

Then I found it, and there was something striking about the way it happened.

There were a few crashes, then you see it just collapse and fold within itself.

It was as if a head was shrinking into its shoulders and then all the way inside of its body.

I watched the video several times from different angles.

And each angle just as interesting.

Watching the implosion took me to a different place.

And, instead of seeing a building,

I saw a person.

I saw a person who had been used for many years,

A person who was once the center of joy and celebration,

A person who stood strong with pride,

Now neglected and abandoned.

Left without life

No sense of purpose,

No use in the world,

Just existing in a world where people no longer even notice.

A person battling depression

Whose only way out to was to implode.

A person whose burden was so heavy that with a few explosions,

Started their journey inward,

Leading to their collapse and their demise.

It started in their mind.

Thoughts slowly crept in, taking over their mind.

Traveling to other parts of the body,

Consuming every part of them until they can’t help but to fold,

Internalized problems and stressors.

Absorbing and taking them in.

Too much on the mind,

Too much hidden inside,

This wasn’t the result of just one day.

This was weeks, months, years of

They collapse.

Fall straight down to the ground.

The burden, the pressure, the strain too much to hold.

As they give in to the weight of it all, they retreat within.

What was once filled with life and vigor

Pride and celebration

Is now desolate,


And one big mess to be cleaned.

And, it all started with a few thoughts, a simple explosion.

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