in My Own Voice, Journey to Healing, Recovering Humanity


Today I met Susan.

I met her through a page.

A nurse called and said she needed someone to talk to.

Susan was a middle age woman who found herself in a tough situation.

She spent almost the last decade fighting for the rights of the unvoiced, but now she finds herself with no voice.

The very place she created for others to be safe,

Is the very space that has now become toxic to her.

Her heart was broken, as she sent the e-mail of resignation.

She felt like she was quitting like she was given up on her people.

Though leaving was the last thing she ever dreamed she’d be doing.

She had to.

There was no other way, or she’d find herself alone, dejected, and bitter.

What Susan didn’t realize was she wasn’t giving up.

Susan didn’t realize how strong she had become.

Though she didn’t see the courage in walking from toxicity.

She was teaching her kids a lesson by showing them how to protect themselves.

Sometimes it’s necessary to walk away from the things we love.

Especially when they no longer serve to do us good and do us a lot of harm.

Susan chose to be courageous; though all she felt was pain.

But, she could not let her hurt, rejection, and perceived failure force her to stay.

For the very community that was supposed to be her protection

The very community SHE created,

Became the source of her pain.

And, the time has come to walk away.

*written after meeting “Susan” a transgender woman advocating for resources, groups, and services that is inclusive to all but excluded her*

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