in My Own Voice, Journey to Healing, Recovering Humanity

She Leveled Up!

Growing up, I used to play Super Mario brothers. And, if you know anything about the game, there were different obstacles you had to overcome in order to reach them end of that level. You may had to defeat a fireball dragon or maybe it was a fireball throwing plant. Sometimes it was jumping over wide pits or it was ducking down to go under a low tunnel or bricks. No matter what, you had to overcome it all in order to reach the end.

Now, aside from all the challenges, what I loved most were the visible and sometimes hidden gems. There may be a brick that if you hit it revealed a mushroom to help you grow. Depending on what level you were on, there may be a flower or feather that does not only grow you, but gives you with a special power. Every now and then, you may get a star which makes you immune to the impending dangers, and on the rare occasion, you may get an extra life to use should you not survive the level. And, let’s not forget about the coins, which seems so insignificant at first, but if you collect enough of them, they turn into an extra life, which means an extra chance to get pass a level.

On this day, the 19th of October,
After overcoming the facial breakouts,
Collecting gems (steroids) to help her grow,
Defeating the weight loss,
Learning to breathe,
And coming home again,
My sister LEVELED UP!

She mastered all she could in her earthly body!
But, it reached its full potential.
It endured all it could.
It fought the best it knew how.
And, in the end, she ran out of lives.
Her body could not handle anymore obstacles.
So she shed it.
Put on her wings,
And, left it behind while she went on to the highest level of achievement!

Though I wish she were still here,
I know she’s much better where she is!
So, I count it all joy.
That on this day 10 years ago,
She defeated the final obstacle, her pain stricken, feeble body.
Gained her wings

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