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Does My Age & Circumstance Dictate My Witness?!

The story of Claudette Colvin, a 15-year old girl who was arrested and taken to jail for refusing to give up get seat to a white man but denied the chance to be the catalyst for the bus boycott movement, for her womb had been opened and new Life she carried inside. Instead, a 42-year old, lighter skinned woman was selected as the chosen one when she refused to give up her seat only 9 months later. Her age, situation, and possibly skin color validated her ability to be the face in the history books and the name spoken across households.

A young girl denied and bonded twice, physically and emotionally, by both the white man and her own simply because of her age and situation. A voice silenced and pushed to the background, forced to watch another take credit for something she had done only a few months prior. And what’s worse, done by her own kind…

Shackled and silenced because the life in her womb devalued her witness.

Let’s tell the story of Claudette Colvin…

What other women have been shackled and silenced?

2 thoughts on “Does My Age & Circumstance Dictate My Witness?!”

  1. Wow, I did not know this story. Thanks for sharing and bringing to light the hidden faces of the Civil Rights Movement. How many others are there like Claudette?


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