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90-Day Evaluation: It’s Time For You to Rest

When starting a new job, you receive what is considered a 90-day probationary period.

When your 90-days are close, your job performance would be evaluated.

You would be assessed on your effectiveness.

How you handled and juggled adversity and challenges.

What are the strengths you exhibited during this time?

And, where are your growing edges (better known as weaknesses).

All of this would be weighed

and a decision would be made

to move you to full hire

Or keep you on probation.

Well, Tuesday, June 9, 2020 will make 90 days since the WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic.

And, I think it’s time we sat down

to evaluate your performance.

Here is my assessment:

You have experienced

A Global pandemic.


Closing of the Doors of the church.



Work from Home.


Essential staff flipped.

Mask wearing.

Frequent hand washing.

Glove carrying

No face touching

Toilet paper depleting.

Zoom Meetings.


Conference Calls.

Unmuted phones.

Virtual services.

Crappy sound.

Never. ending. hours!

Natural hair.

Soaked off nails.

Growing beards.

Crazy hairlines.

No Alfredo sauce.

No hamburger meat.

Rice is gone.

And, so’s the chicken.

Communion Sunday.

To give or not to give.

Disheartened youth.

No more school.

Holy Week Streams.

Good Friday memes.

No sunrise services.

What does Easter mean?

No graduations.

All proms cancelled.

Food running scarce.

A black man killed?!

A black home raided.

A black woman murdered.

A black man suffocated.

The city will burn.

All after before Pentecost.

We’ve had enough!

You won’t kill our bodies!

You have to be stopped!





We got 4 charges.

Will we get the convictions?

But, my greatest observation of all

What stands out the most,

I can see the tired in your face.

I know you need some rest.

You’ve done well these past 90 days.

Even if others don’t think you have.

No one knows your mental fight

You fight every day.

It’s time for you to rest.

Let your mind and body reset.

You’ve been working relentlessly for 3 months

You need to stop and breathe.

It’s Ok to hit pause

Or pass the load to someone else

You need to take the yoke upon you

And get some rest please.

Your body has been through so much

Your mind has taken it all in

Your heart has carried the weight of work

Now it’s time to let it fall

Not fall by the wayside to be neglected and abandoned

But fall into their hands of God

And a trusted colleague or companion

It’s time to take your weary soul

to the bosom of the Creator

Allowing the Lord’s arms

to shoulder all your burdens.

I know you’re wondering what will happen

If you stop now.

But, I’m scared of what will happen

If you continue as you are.

It’s time to pick up the yoke

It’s time to drop the load.

Your body will thank you.

As you find rest for your soul.

You’ve done well these past 90 days.

Even if others don’t think you have.

It’s Time for You To Rest

So, you can go 90 more.

#quriousthoughts #quriousprayers #takecareofyou #yourbodywillthankyoulater

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