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The Third Pandemic No One’s Talking About

There are more than two wars going on here.

There are three.

The third being the fight for the liberation of black women.

Whose voices are rising at the protests?


Who are showing up in record numbers at the polls?


But, who is being overlooked and not counted, Even in the protests,

Even in the health disparities?


We are the driving force yet the forgotten force.

We are the ride for you organizers,

The voice for you protestors,

But the forgotten by you when the dust settles…

Where are black women in the numbers?

How are we showing up in the stats?

Even trying to write this message.

Whenever I try to write black women,

Autocorrect keeps trying to change woman to EVERYTHING else.

Why won’t it let me write black women?

What is the percentage of black women?

Are we being counted, so we can have the resources we need?

Do we have the representation to fight for our rights and liberties too?

Or, are we at the hands and mercy of others?!

Because even while we fight for the rights of black America,

We are still fighting a separate fight.

Just like with black liberation theology.

When we protest and vote,

We are protesting and voting for black MALE America

Because we are not counted in the numbers

Nor are we considered.

Look how easily Breonna Taylor’s name was forgotten.

Listen to the chants.

What about health justice for the moms who are losing their lives during childbirth?

What about familial justice for the children who are growing up without a mother?

What about women who are losing their rights to be a mother because their wombs are being ripped out of their bodies (hysterectomies, etc.) without consideration for any other treatments?

What about food and economic disparities that keep her and her children relying on fast or just expired foods, which elevates the high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.?

What about the poor employment options because COVID-19 has tied her hand as she decides between going to work and risk exposure or staying home with her child(ren) because school is closed and risk losing her job?!

How are black women showing up in the numbers, which determines our resources and representation?

There are more than two wars going on here.

There are three.

The third being the fight for black women liberation.

So, maybe I need to go back to my thesis…🤦🏾‍♀️

#quriousthoughts #freeblackwomen #liftourvoices #tellourstory #ourlivesmattertoo

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