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Divided Tongues Are Necessary! Part 2

I know it’s frustrating.

You want things to change.

Well, so do they.

But, neither of you understand the language of the other.

I have to admit I did not either.

I saw one way to cure this dis-ease.

I saw one way to make things right.

Though I knew the value in movement,

I did not see the value in destruction.

It was not until God woke me up that I was able to see the truth.

You’re speaking a language that’s not meant for me.

You’re speaking a language that’s different than mine.

Far too long we’ve abandoned our languages to all speak the same.

But changing times has caused us to revert back to what we originally learned and was taught.

You’re speaking the language you were born with.

You’re speaking your primary language.

And, that’s Ok.

There is nothing wrong with it.

Who am I to tell you your language is wrong?

Who am I to try and tell you how you should speak?

Language is important.

It is rooted in our culture, our heritage, our narrative, our being.

To tell me I cannot speak the language native to me is to place your hands around my neck and suffocate me.

When will we learn that we each have a language that was knit into our very being?

When will we make room for all the languages to come to the table?

Don’t we know that this is exactly what the adversary WANTS us to do?!

Do we get that there are those among us who understand the power of our strength, so they keep us divided?!

It happened in the biblical times.

It happened in the African American heritage.

And, now it is happening again!

It is not until we ALL come together

Speaking the languages displayed from the time of birth

That things will truly change.

It will take ALL of us.

Not just the low.

Not just the upper.

It will take each of us of all kind to shift the atmosphere.

When will we get it

That united we stand

But divided we fall?!

#quriousthoughts #languageisnotjustwords #resistanceprotestandviolencearelanguages #andtheyareimportanttoo

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