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Am I Doing Enough?!

“Am I doing enough?!” is the question on the floor.

Should I be out in the streets holding signs and crying out loud?!!

Or, should I be inside writing and having discussions?!

Am I not being supportive if I don’t join the physical fight?!

Or, is there some some other support that requires me to stay in?!

Am I failing my daughter if I do not publicly make my voice heard?!

Or, am I showing her another strategy to war that does not require being at the front?!

How do I contend with being inside

When it seems the demand is to be outdoors?!

Am I doing my part?!

Am I fighting for justice?!

Is writing and teaching and conversing my clarion call?!

Or, do I need to step it up and do more?!

Am I doing enough?!

I just do not know.

But, I’m going to do what I feel is right

Until God pushes me to do more.

#quriousthoughts #thefightforblacklife #allvoicesmatter #amispeakingtherightlanguage

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