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Divided Tongues Are Necessary!

My spirit is vexed,

And I don’t know what to do.

I am struggling to understand the risings that are happening.

I watch the Live with confusion trying to figure out what is the point of all this.

As I watch the peaceful walk around the strip mall,

I can’t help but to hear the violent crashes consuming downtown Atlanta and other parts of the world.

Cars set on fire.

Windows broken.

Buildings vandalized.

What is this solving?

Then I go to social media,

And what do I see up and down my timeline?

Pictures of Minnesota ablaze

With captions referencing Pentecost.

God being placed in the middle of the chaos.

I think about the message this sends to those already skeptical of our witness.

What are we saying to them about God?

About us?

Is this drawing others to be in relationship with the Almighty, their Creator?

Or, is this causing a stumbling block and further separation?

Is this the fire God was referring to?

Is this what was meant by baptism with fire?

Is this the same fire that took place in the upper room?

Is this the moment we have been waiting for?

Is this our table flipping, driving out, give it to Rome time we’ve been waiting for?

But, how?!

How does this make sense?!

How does destruction and violence solve the problem we are facing?

How does destroying the land where we live make things better?

How is this the answer?!

This couldn’t be what God meant could it?!

But, then I reflect on Pentecost

And what really happened in that room.

A shifting in the atmosphere.

What was calm beginning to rumble.

Violent winds consuming the place.

A division of tongues.

Every one present speaking a different language.

Every language being connected to a specific group of people.

And, the people understanding the language spoken.

Some looked on in amazement.

While others criticized.

Their motives and intentions were questioned

While others welcomed the words spoken.

While God was moving things upstairs,

Some confusion was happening downstairs.

One person had to rise up.

One person had to say.

This is not new.

We’ve seen this before.

This does not surprise us.

For, we knew it would happen.

Don’t criticize the people for how they are communicating their message.

Everyone has a different assignment.

Do not reject what you don’t understand.

Accept the message, assignment, etc. that is for you.

And, then it made sense.

I don’t understand the language of what’s happening all over the country.

Some call it rioting.

Others protest.

Whatever the identification, this form of protest does not make sense to me.

But, it’s not supposed to.

That is not the language I speak.

Those rightfully engaging in this form of communication are speaking the language of those who too speak this language.

I cannot spread this particular message

Because that is not the group of people the tongue given to me is connected to.

My tongue is for a different group.

A group who needs to hear in a different way, in a different dialect.

And, my message is not for everyone either.

But, all theses languages, these tongues, these forms of communication are necessary.

They are necessary in order to spread the message.

They are necessary to evoke change.

They are necessary if we want to shift the space.

We all don’t communicate the same.

We don’t understand the same.

So, we need EACH tongue if we’re ever going to get anywhere.

And, we have to make room for it.

#quriousthoughts #angerlooksdifferent #angersoundsdifferent #angerisnecessary #ALLtonguesmatter

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