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Prayer For Anxiety, Fear, Loneliness, and Protection

This evening, I received a distressed message from a clergy friend. They are wrestling with anxiety surrounding COVID-19. Because they are of the “vulnerable” population, they are afraid of getting sick. Their anxiety has them not wanting to leave the house, but they work for a non-compassionate, insensitive boss who insists on forcing them to come to the office for meetings; even though, 90% of their job is done outside the actual workspace. Heightening their anxiety is the fact that not only are they single, but they live alone. So, social distancing for them means loneliness. The constant posts an updates about washing hands and sanitizing and sterilizing has their OCD kicked into high gear, and they need some relief.

They reached out to ask for prayer, and prayer is what they got. I usually type one out, but I felt they needed to hear the prayer, so I recorded it and sent it. But, after I was done, I realized I was still not done. Though the prayer was for a specific person, I do not believe they are the only one who is struggling and needs relief. So, I offer this prayer for anyone wrestling with anxiety, fear, loneliness, insensitive people, and need protection. This is for you too!

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