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A New Way to Chaplain

Tuesday, I was devastated because they stopped my chaplaincy program.
All I could think about were the families in the hospital who would not get care because chaplains were not considered essential staff.
Last night, I received an SOS requesting prayer because a friend of mine was not Ok.
I sang a song and recorded a prayer. I sent it to her then posted it publicly on my blog for someone else who may be feeling the same way.
This morning, I was scrolling through FB and saw another desperate plea for prayer.
I went to their inbox and sent the prayer.
They were so thankful!
And, THAT’S when it hit me.
I don’t need a hospital to be a chaplain.
If I pay close enough attention,
The “pages” are in the post.

Starting today, I am OFFICIALLY ON CALL!
If you are in need of prayer, presence, an encouraging word, or comfort, a worshiper experience, or guidance, just send me a “page” and I’ll meet you in your inbox!

#chaplainTasharaonduty #oncallchaplain #listeningprayerandpresence #themonkeyonlydelayedtheshow #thehotlineisopen

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