Clergy, Journey to Healing, Recovering Humanity

God’s Provision

You go to church.

You make a commitment to God.

You receive a word over what you have been and are praying to God for.

You leave feeling good!

You leave trusting and believing in God.

You leave with a sense of peace that all will work out as it should.

You get on the road, head home, and instant sleepiness hits you.

Your head hurts because it wants your body to lay down.

But, you can’t.

You’re driving.

You do like the song says and “call on your best friend”

But, it wasn’t that he/she/they could not be found.

They were not available.

They were sleep.

They were busy.

They were with family.

They were working.

They were just simply not available.

You dose off twice.

Smoothly transition onto the side of the road.

Wake up to realize you’re no longer in your lane.

You’re tired.

You do not know what to do.

Then the unexpected happens.

Your tire goes flat.

Or so you thought.

You now have to pull over for real.

You don’t know what to expect.

Then the unexpected happens.

It’s not your tire.

It’s your bumper.

It’s falling down.

Panic starts to set in.

What are you going to do?

You are in the middle of nowhere.

You’re 167 miles from your destination.

GEICO doesn’t tow that far.

Your whole family is out of town.

There is no one to come get you.

Even if you do have the car towed,

You have no where to stay.

And even if there was a hotel,

You have no money to check in.

You’re stranded.

What are you going to do?

You hear the words of your mother say

“How are you going to get on the road with no money?”

Now you’re falling deeper into despair.

The gravity of your situation is sinking in.

You make the decision to see if you can push the bumper back up enough so you can get home.

You make it about 1 mile up the road before you hear the sound again.

You are determined to get to a safer location.

You get off the next exit.

Everything is to the left, but you feel an unction to go to the smaller gas station on the right.

You pull in and the bumper is scraping.

You are now in full tears.

There is only one other person at the station.

You get out the car to figure out what you’re going to do.

You don’t have $250 for a deductible.

It’s Sunday.

There are no repair shops open,

At least not where you are.

How are you going to get home?

This is what you get for traveling with no money.

The tears are just rolling down your face.

A man walks over to you

And without you saying a word,

He takes out his knife and says I’ll take care of that for you”

He removes the piece that has become dislodged.

Tells you it’s nothing major

And goes about his business.

You’re overwhelmed.

You can now safely drive the rest of the way home.

But, you know what he did was just a temporary fix.

You get back in your car and you break down crying.

You cry. And you cry. And you cry. And you cry.

You do like Job’s friends and ask

“What did you do? Who did you piss off? Who have you wronged that things keep happening to you?”

You cry some more.

You finally get yourself together enough to drive,

But, you’re still crying.

You cannot believe what is happening.

You’re crying.

You don’t have any money.

You’re crying.

You cannot sustain yourself.

You’re crying.

You’re crying until about 70 miles later when you have an epiphany.

You went to the gas station that was opposite of the people, and God had exactly what you needed when you got there.

You didn’t have to say a word.

You didn’t have to ask.

(You wouldn’t even have known what to ask if you did)

You were obedient, and God was faithful.

Not only did God provide a way for you to make it home safely,

God made sure that you were now awake and alert

Because you couldn’t go to sleep as long as you were crying.

See, you thought things were falling apart,

But, really God was working it all together for your good

To make sure that you stayed alive

Because God is not done with you yet on this side.

Not only did God make provision.

God made they way!

And, all you had to do was go where you were told to go!

You didn’t have to open your mouth or say one word.

For God knew, and God already had an answer.

“So I’m standing here because God kept me!

I’m alive today only because of God’s Grace!


So I wouldn’t let go!”

You are here.

You are alive.

For God kept you.

God blocked it!

God used all of the mishaps for the good of your life!

God’s provision saved your life.

It only cost you a few pieces of the HIDDEN part.

No one knows or sees what was cut off.

Only you and those you share with 😉

And, that’s the way God wants to keep it.


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