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Lessons from A Construction Road

This morning I was driving back from dropping my sister off to work when the GPS took me down an unfamiliar road. The road was not paved and it was very bumpy. There were huge potholes and places where it seemed like it had flooded just moments earlier, prior to my being on the road. It was very uncomfortable to drive on. The car shook back and forth and up and down as I navigated my way through. To the right and left of me looked like construction sites, so I was sure I was not supposed to be on that road. I wanted to turn around, for I didn’t know where the end would be or how much longer the turbulence would last. I stayed on course, and eventually hit the main road, where I vowed never to take that road again.

As I continued back home, a thought came to mind. That trip is just like the roads of life. Sometimes, you will go down paths that are smooth with beautiful scenery, but other times, there will be roads unrecognizable filled with twists, turns, bumps, and potholes. But, if you just keep driving straight, following the guide of your “GPS”, you will find that the scary road you were on was necessary in order for you to avoid a longer, more drawn out journey. Don’t let the backroads scare you. If the GPS says turn and stay on this road, then obey. Your journey will be without delay and that much better.


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