Faith and Mental Health, Journey to Healing, Recovering Humanity

The Beauty In Trauma

What is trauma?

Trauma is anything that disrupts the normal course of your life.

Trauma can be losing a home, a job, or loved one.

Trauma can be failing a class, hurting yourself (intentionally or unintentionally), going through a break-up or divorce.

Trauma can be overlooked for a promotion or lack of acknowledgment of the hard work put in.

Trauma can be sickness, injury, surgery, weight gain, weight loss, an unkind word, a harsh tone, infidelity, anything that jolts us from the peace within ourselves.

Trauma can be abuse or incarceration, rejection or disapproval.

Trauma can be embarrassment.

What trauma have I experienced in my life?

Memories are the key to the past, but not to the future.

~Corrie Ten Boom

Trauma changes/shifts your identity.

Trauma is exhausting.

Trauma leads to compulsion and leaves you stuck.

Trauma steals your peace.

Trauma disturbs your rest.

Trauma locks you in a battle for your life.

Trauma strains your relationship.

Trauma causes you to lose sight of what really matters (like the king in Maleficent who was so obsessed with killing her because of the curse on his daughter that he pushed his daughter to the side and locked her away after the curse had been lifted)

“In other words, the act of murder had taken the life of his daughter, but the aftermath of murder had taken his life.”

Trauma leaves you with no end in sight.

Trauma breaks your heart and confuses your emotions.

Trauma separates you from intimacy.

Trauma emotionally constipates you-isolated, uncomforted, and stressed.

Trauma makes everyone a suspect and you obsessive.

Trauma fosters hostility.

Trauma drives you into a personal abyss.

Trauma takes your sanity and drives you mad.

Trauma is the bitter taste of emptiness and wrath.


Trauma is a trap that keeps your emotions stuck in a steel cage.

Trauma is a trap that freezes you in time.


If we can push through the pain of it,

Trauma inspires us.

Trauma moves us.

Trauma pushes us.

Trauma strengthens us.

Trauma shifts our perspective.

Trauma informs our decisions.

Trauma heals us.

Trauma gives our life new meaning.

But, if we named the unidentified, unscathed, untapped sources of trauma, which led to our ill-adaptive social behaviors, and embodied healing through community and self-care,

We will find the beauty within the trauma.

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